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Nifty’s is leveling up – NFT News Today


This post was originally published on Nifty’s

Welcome to a new era of NFT-powered experiences and rewards only on Nifty’s.

A Note from Jeff Marsilio, CEO and Co-Founder of Nifty’s

When we formed Nifty’s a year ago, it was based on a core conviction: the idea that NFTs are about so much more than speculation — they’re also about passion, engagement and community. In the year since, as we’ve watched the space expand and evolve, that conviction has only grown, and we’ve kept it at the heart of everything we look to build.

Today we announce another milestone in our journey and an added dimension of the NFT collecting experience — a new concept on Nifty’s called “XP” and a new class of NFTs called “Artifacts,” which are together designed to reward passion, drive engagement and fuel community across every Nifty’s project.


Artifact NFTs are earned through participation and achievement in Nifty’s projects like The Matrix Avatars. Like other NFTs, artifacts are collectible art, but they also carry XP, which users can capture by “burning” the associated artifact. Users then have the option to redeem the XP for new NFTs, upgrades to existing NFTs, and real world products and experiences.

“XP” is a concept borrowed from the world of role playing games. In RPGs, characters earn XP for completing various tasks in a game, and XP allows them to learn new skills and “level up” their character. On Nifty’s, we’re gamifying the experience of being a fan. The more you participate in a Nifty’s community, the more you level up and earn rewards.


The key aspects of the XP framework are as follows:

  • ACTIVITIES: First, collectors can earn artifacts (with associated XP) through participation in various activities across Nifty’s channels, partner channels and in the real or virtual world. For example, a user could earn an artifact by completing a task on Nifty’s (similar to the Red Pill / Blue Pill challenge from The Matrix Avatars) or participating in a community contest on the Nifty’s Discord server. Or perhaps a user could earn a different artifact by buying a movie ticket or attending a real world event. The potential for activities is essentially limitless.
  • ARTIFACTS AND XP: Different artifacts will have different amounts of XP associated with them, depending on how they’re earned. Artifact NFTs can be bought and sold on the Nifty’s secondary marketplaces, but once an artifact is burned and the XP is captured, it cannot be transferred. Also, artifacts and the associated XP are always tied to a specific project. For example, artifacts earned as part of The Matrix Avatars program cannot be used in a separate project.
  • REWARDS: Once captured, XP can be redeemed for different rewards, such as new NFTs, upgrades to existing NFTs or leaderboard points. leaderboard points move your avatar up a leaderboard during a reward period. If your avatar is in a reward tier at the end of the reward period, you’ll earn the reward for that tier, which can include physical or digital goods and experiences. The higher you climb, the better your reward. After the reward period, the leaderboards start over and the rewards reset, giving everyone a fresh start.


The Matrix Avatars program will be our first franchise integration with XP. As users may remember, Nifty’s gave every Nifty’s account the “Glitch in the Matrix” NFT in December as an extension of the primary avatars release. This NFT, featuring a glitching cat walking through a retro computer monitor, is not only a nod to the iconic scene in the first Matrix film, it is also the first ever artifact NFT. We’ll unveil the XP associated with the “Glitch in the Matrix” artifact later this month, and users can capture that XP soon after.

Since launch, we’ve tested new ways to reward our community through contests across Discord and Twitter, and all together we’ve distributed approximately 322,000 free “Glitch in the Matrix” NFTs so far. As of publishing, there are 15,000 still up for grabs, and soon we’ll share how you can earn them on our community and social channels.


The first reward period for The Matrix Avatars begins soon. As previously mentioned, we’ll begin to increase the off-platform activities for community members to earn Matrix Artifact NFTs all the way up to that reward period. Then, starting in May, we’ll roll out the on-platform activities that are part of Mission 2, and at that point the community will be able to capture XP from Matrix Artifact NFTs. A short while later the community will be able to spend their XP to move up the leaderboards. For The Matrix Avatars program, we’ll have separate leaderboards for both red and blue-pilled avatars. We’ll announce the activities, artifacts, reward periods, reward tiers, and rewards for The Matrix Avatars very soon, and we’ll also announce how users can upgrade their avatar’s skills and use them to compete in some of those activities for some pretty sweet rewards in the future.

We believe XP and artifacts will usher in a new era of fun and engagement for Nifty’s and the NFT space. It’s a deceptively simple but powerful framework that we’ve only begun to explore, and we can’t wait to hear your ideas for how to use it in creative ways to level up the entire Nifty’s community.

Ready to begin collecting artifacts? Follow @niftys on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date on all things XP, artifacts, The Matrix Avatars and future projects. Want to join the Nifty’s community? Create an account and set up your profile today!

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